This website is a one-stop resource on Mental Healthcare Act 2017. Here, the act is provided in an easily searchable and browsable, smartphone-friendly format. Besides, here you can also read the central rules, download various forms suggested by the central rules, and read articles on the act published in various journals.

What is New

Video: MHCA 2017 - Implementation, challenges and solutions

3-hour video of the session titled "MHCA 2017 - Implementation, challenges and solutions" held at the National Convention on Medicine and Law on 15th December 2018. (Please wait for one and a half minutes for the actual video to start.)

Discharge Planning

Slides of the presentation on "Discharge planning" Dr Shahul Ameen made at IPSOCON 2018, Tirupati.

Psychiatric advance directives: potential challenges in India

Article published in National Indian Journal of Medical Ethics.